Our 11 David Smethurst MP3s: 1) Frank Jenner And George Street, 2) Show Strike-Potential, 3) Have A Warrior-Spirit, 4) A Challenge To Do Battle, 5) An Excellent Performance, 6) Be A Worshiper Of God, 7) Heirs Of The Warrior-King, 8) Conversion Of His Father, 9) Discipline-Discipling, Part 1, 10) Discipline-Discipling, Part 2, 11) The Frank Jenner Testimony -- all SUPER MP3s! You will be AMAZED AND ASTOUNDED! Especially if you are careful to start out with (#1) the Dave Smethurst classic Frank Jenner And George Street!


    Great item added to all our "Jesus Information Net" sites: Our friend David Smethurst has produced with PersonalTract.com a brand-new, up-to-date, factually accurate VIDEO version of his classic message about Frank Jenner, an evangelism wonder of the Down Under world of Australia! It's called "The True Story Of Frank Jenner." PersonalTract.com wants everyone to watch this newest version of the story, so... Go to their site's web-page to download your own copy of their video-tract file, or click this direct link to watch it right here.
    If you want to hear the original MP3 file that impressed me so much (and a lot of other people too!) when I first heard it back in early 2005, it's still here too. Even if the facts aren't all exactly right in Dave's earliest version of the Frank Jenner story, it's still a classic in my book! You can still download the original audio file MP3 Frank Jenner And George Street here as well.
    Be sure to watch/hear the amazing story of Frank Jenner and all the tracts he gave away on George Street in Sydney Australia, as related by Dave Smethurst in his audio account I Got Off At George Street and in the newer video tract The True Story Of Frank Jenner. It's truly inspirational, and we've also got 11 great motivational MP3s by Dave Smethurst right here, below! Just click the hot-links to listen to any one of these MP3s... it's easily done. You will be well-rewarded for your time... via our authorized Dave Smethurst audio messages-- all of which are highly inspirational!
    You can also here READ the newest account of Frank Jenner's life story by clicking The True Story Of Frank Jenner -- then you'll get to see the PersonalTract.com version of Dave's message in a PDF e-book format. And you can still read here also the old non-copyright classic message that impressed countless people around the globe... by clicking instead TEXT I Got Off At George Street-- for access to a transcript of the original (but not factually perfect) version that wowed the whole planet Earth!   [--great news, first posted on 11/24/2008]

    Superb news for "JIN" sites (first posted on 7/7/07) : Yes, indeed! Ken Street, with the blessing and approval of David Smethurst, has edited together a bunch of audio clips (excerpts) from the 4 David Smethurst DESTINY CDs and has produced 6 new MP3 files, each containing several clips from the powerful motivational CDs of David Smethurst! These are really great for turning sluggish and slow-moving sheep into commandos and warriors for Almighty God! Dave has been gracious enough to authorize us to distribute these poweful files through all of our Street Tracts International Net web sites! These are excerpts only in my own special rearrangement of the audio-clips -- go to SmethurstMinistries.org to get the 4 full-length CDs of this set! (More news: On 12/17/07, we've added 3 more. Plus 1 on 1/7/08, for a total of 11 MP3s!)

    Here's what we've now added:   David Smethurst Clips 1, Clips 2, Clips 3, Clips 4, Clips 5, Clips 6, Clips 7, Clips 8, Clips 9 -- MP3s with arrangement and a little sound-editing work done by Ken Street. I know these MP3s will vastly inspire and motivate Christian evangelists, trackers, and pamphleteers all around the world!

    Clips #7 tells the riveting story of how Dave's father, a boxing champion in South Africa, finally came to faith in Christ. Clips #8 and Clips #9 feature some excellent teaching by Dave's wife Margurita about the need for discipline in a Christian family. The earlier 6 feature some marvelously inspirational stories that Dave has used in his many years of experience as a sports chaplain and a globetrotting evangelist. And be sure you don't miss hearing what I think is his BEST one, which was actually our VERY FIRST offering here at the Street Tracts sites-- be sure you start out with the Dave Smethurst classic Frank Jenner And George Street. Almost as good as that one is his story of Stephen Grellet, the horseback-riding evangelist of a prior century, found in the second half of Clips #2: Have A Warrior Spirit. In The Frank Jenner Testimony, Dave gives us a new rendering of the account of Frank Jenner's passion for evangelism, correcting a few little details that were not quite right in his first telling of so many years ago. For example, Frank was actually a member of a Brethren congregation, not a Baptist one. The new rendition is also quite good... but personally, I still like the "classic" version that I heard first. I got a great deal of inspiration from it for my own little tracts ministry.

    You can download these from more than 50 Jesus Information Net web sites and listen to them at home, just like Dave's Frank Jenner MP3s... so let your friends and relatives hear them online or privately at home. Just remember that the copyright and all public-distribution rights remain with David Smethurst, so you should get his approval (permission) before trying to re-post my clip-files on other sites. We're posting them on more than 50 sites of our own already, so they should get around rather well just from these! I'd much prefer that you just make a link to one of our web pages and our 50-plus domains/websites instead! If you like this man's style, you should go to his site SmethurstMinistries.org and make a nice donation to his charitable ministry-- that way he will send you the 4 full-length CDs in his series of motivational messages called Destiny: Fulfilling Your Dreams !

    Picture #1 above is the Australian Pastor David Smethurst, a world-roaming evangelist that I greatly admire. He's very high-powered, full of divine energy, and also a motivational speaker for churches. Dave Smethurst is a "temple of miraculous fire," if ever there was one! I used to think that I am quite the earth-trekker, but this Australian gentleman really outshines me, even in that area. He's "on fire for Jesus." He gets around the world very well, travelling even farther and faster than the Apostle Paul as he carries the Gospel of Jesus Christ to foreign lands! Here's a link to his site: SmethurstMinistries.org.

    My South Korean wife Nansook and I were privileged to hear Dave Smethurst give his great message "Being On Fire For Jesus" on May 29, 2005 at the Overbrook Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia, USA. After the service, I got a big thrill as I talked with Dave for a while, and was so happy when he graciously prayed for us, asking God's blessing for our tracts ministry and all our Christian work. Dave's fiery MP3 audio account of Frank Jenner's life and his amazingly fruitful tracts ministry had a HUGE effect on me when I first heard it on Feb. 1, 2005. Dave's high-powered audio message, titled I Got Off At George Street will get you really excited about the astounding prospects inherent in tracts-evangelism and street witnessing! After hearing the audio file, I was so impressed that I wrote a couple of e-mails to Dave, and was truly thrilled to meet him in person just 4 months later.That's when I was blessed to hear his "on fire" message ("Being On Fire For Jesus"), as he briefly visited Richmond, Virginia, for a couple of days.We've stayed in touch with e-mails ever since. Dave Smethurst and Frank Jenner are two of my big heros now.   [ -- picture note by RKS]

    Picture #2 shows Rev. David Smethurst in Australia with Dr. Raymond Wilson, who has written a super book about humble Frank Jenner and his use of evangelism tracts for an astounding street ministry in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Wilson's book is called Jenner Of George Street: The Story Of Frank Jenner, Sydney's Soul-Winning Sailor. Although Dr. Wilson's book doesn't use this phrase, I would say that Frank Jenner, as a faithful Christian church member, is another great example of a Christian who is "a temple of miraculous fire."   [ -- picture note by RKS]